Having been on the other side of the fence, always wanting to book a quality hunt for myself. I know what it’s like dealing with outfitters; do you trust him? Is he telling the truth? Are you going to harvest an animal? These questions are so often the norm for many outfitters. They have some land, supply a shack to stay in and, “BAM!”, you’re an outfitter. There is more to becoming an outfitter than having land. Experience, honesty and integrity are a few for starters. With our outfitting business, you will get what we say and we say what we do. We are dedicated to providing you with an honest approach to the outdoors. We have cut a lot of the fat out of the cost of our hunts. We believe in providing you with the best opportunity to harvest an animal. We don’t aim to fill you up with great food. Our accommodations are modest, but clean. So if you’re looking for a million dollar lodge and five star food, we’re not the outfitter for you. Most of our clients are repeat, and most harvest an animal. We become friends. That’s what I think a hunt is all about.

That’s my guarantee.

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