Lake Erie Walleye & Perch Fishing Trips

Location We Fish Lake Erie from When You Book

We fish out of Turtle Creek, Fenwick Marina near Oak Harbor Ohio. Davis Bessy nuclear plant is right there.

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Pricing of Lake Erie Walleye Charter Trip

Each day trip departs at 7am and returns at 3pm. Maximum persons allowed is 6.

  • $125 per person for 1 day trip, 4 person minimum, maximum of 6 allowed. Discount available for multiple, consecutive day booking.

Zoom around on the map here to get familiar with our location. We are in Turtle Creek next to Fenwick Marina, near Oak Harbor, Ohio. Copy or type this closest address into your phone navigation to get directions here:

(closest best address)

10261 W State Route 2
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Deposit Requirements on Fishing Trips

A deposit of $100.00 is required for each reservation, due to inclement weather causing cancellation of trip, the customer has the option of full refund or rescheduling. Captain Paul has final say on whether the conditions are safe for fishing.

Scheduling/Booking Your Guided Walleye Trip with Us

We are booking trips for Friday, Saturday and Sundays with the season beginning in mid May until end of August.

Recommended Supplies for a Lake Erie Fishing Charter Trip

All fishing tackle is provided but you are welcome to bring a favorite rod or baits.

  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Ball cap or hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable, soft bottom deck or tennis shoes
  • Warm clothes if spring or fall
  • Rain gear if inclement weather’s possible
  • Your own food & beverages (limited cooler space on boat)
  • Dramamine or other motion sickness medicine (take one hour before boat departure)
  • Medium size cooler to bring your catch home in! (ice and fish cleaning stations are available at the marina)
lake erie walleye fishing trips - guided charter boat trips
Limits of Lake Erie walleye are the norm with The Outfitters. Book your trip today!

Ohio Fishing License Requirements

You must have a current Ohio fishing license, they can be purchased at the marina. Non-resident annual license is about $40.00 and a 3-day license is about $19.00. There is an $11.00 single day license also available.

Walleye Fishing Techniques

Trolling is the exclusive technique used on our guided Lake Erie walleye fishing trips. We use a combination of planer boards and dipsy divers when we troll for these Lake Erie walleye.

guided fishing trips on Lake Erie
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Spring Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie

Spring fishing on the Western Basin of Lake Erie is a magical time of the year. 80% of the entire population of the lake’s walleye are in this area for spawning. Trophy walleye in the 10 pound class are constantly being caught in the deep water flats surrounding the reef complexes. Males stack up on the reefs in huge numbers awaiting females and are easily caught using jigs & minnows or by casting blade baits. The larger females can occasionally can be caught on the reefs but most are caught by trolling in the deep water.


Lake Erie Summer Walleye Fishing

As summer sets in and waters warm up the larger females move to the central basin and the resident walleye school up in megapacks that may be a mile wide and several miles long. This is freezer stocking time as limit catches are the norm. This time of year the most productive method of catching walleye is by trolling allowing you to cover a greater amount of water, drifting is also productive as long as you have enough wind to maintain a

trophy walleye fishing lake erie - big walleye guided trip
A guided day trip on Lake Erie for walleye is unlike any other walleye experience you will ever have. There are an incredible amount of fish in the lake! Get your arms pumped up and ready for non-stop action!


Perch Fishing Trips on Lake Erie

perch fishing lake erie charter
Our mid to late summer perch fishing trips make for a great family adventure!

Perch “jerking” is fun and affordable, and requires the simplest of fishing techniques. They are abundant, widespread, and easy to catch. As an added bonus, catches of this tastiest-fish-in-the-lake can provide the evening meal. Catches range 8 to 12 inches, which are relatively large for yellow perch.

Each year, anglers fill their coolers with more than five million yellow perch. Despite the popularity of walleye, yellow perch takes center stage in late summer and fall. While some anglers fish for yellow perch spring through fall, the traditional perch fishing months are August through October when perch are concentrated in large schools near shore. The best action and highest catch rates occur in September and October, when limit catches of 40 fish per angler are often caught within two or three hours of fishing.

Yellow perch tend to move offshore in the summer months, moving closer to shore as waters cool in the fall (10 to 20 foot depths in the western basin.)

Yellow perch are well distributed, with traditional hot spots located across the entire lake. Anglers need not go far to find a school of perch. Once you get into a school, the action can be fast and furious. The fish’s quick, light to medium tugs or “perch jerking” on the rig makes perch fishing loads of fun. Doubles and triples, more than one perch taking separate baits on the same rig at one time, are common.

The traditional fishing method used for catching perch is fun and easy to master. We usually fish from an anchored position. The equipment is simple… no casting is involved. For kids, catching lots of smaller fish such as perch is much more satisfying than catching fewer, bigger fish such as walleyes.

The simplest and most effective technique uses two or three hooks attached to a spreader or “perch rig” and weighted with a sinker of up to two ounces. This is baited with emerald shiners or minnows and dropped to the bottom. Anglers also use dead, salted minnows, nightcrawlers, red worms or perch belly meat as a substitute for live minnows. Anglers are most successful by varying the location of the bait on or near the bottom in a jigging fashion, moving the rig up and down in the water column.

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